The Babool or the Indian Gum, Nilotica (linn), Willd ex del is also known as kikar, babur etc. and is indigenous to the Indian Sub-continent. It is found in Deccan and Thar.

A. nilotica is a multipurpose tree. Its timber is valued by rural folks.


Tooth brushing- The tender twigs are used as a toothbrush (Datun)

Gum arabic- The gum of A. nilotica is also referred to in India as Amaravati gum

Hedges- V. nilotica is thorny and hence makes a good hedge.

Physical Properties of the Wood
The hard wood is heavy and tough. The average weight is about 785 kg/m3 at 12 per cent moisture content. It is somewhat coarse-textured and has interlocked grains. The wood is dull and somewhat rough without any characteristic odour or taste. The strength properties of wood are given below




  Green Air Dry Green Air Dry
Moisture content per cent 70 12 76.6 12
Static Bending        
(a) Fibre stress at elastic limit (kg/sq cm) 421 487 509 651
(b) Modulus of rupture(kg/cm2) 776 894 841 959
(c) Modulus of elasticity (1000 kg/sq cm) 977 1128 1097 1196
Impact bending        
(a) Fibre stress at elastic limit (kg/sq cm) 1085 1306 1085 1121
(b) Maximum height of drof in impact binding (cm) 130 104 91 71
(c) Modulus of elasticity (kg/sq cm) 108400 140100 160600 166800
Compression parallel to grain (kg/sq cm        
(a) Compressive stress at  207 260 311 376
(b) Maxi. Crushing stress  354 536 415 532
(c) Modulus of elasticity 101800 118000 129800 137400
Compression perpendicular to grain (kg/sq cm)        
(a) Compressive stress at elastic limit  91 124 86 101
Hardness-load in kg to embed 1.128 cm diameter ball to half diameter        
(a) Radial  720 824 557 502
(b) Tangential  755 855 551 524
(c) End  671 915 486 488
Shear paralled to grain (kg/sq cm)        
(a) Radial  119 168 90 97
(b) Tangential  143 192 100 108
Tension perpendicular to grain (kg/sq cm)        
(a) Radial 89 71 68 58
(b) Tangential 107 93 79 66

Working and Finishing Properties
In its green state, It is an easy wood to convert and resaw. However, it becomes harder and tougher when seasoned. It works well by hand machines and finishes to a good surface. Its working quality index based on quality of worked surface and ease of working is 84 compared to 100 for teak.
The wood is widely used for construction as posts, rafters, beams and in door frames. It is one of the most favoured timbers for all types of agricultural implements like ploughs, harrows, crushers and rice pounders, and is extensively used in card building, for yokes, shafts, wheels and body work. Babul wood is also recommended for certain types of sports and athletic goods like clubs, wall bars, parallel bars, etc..

Fuelwood- and charcoal. Its charcoal is considered to be superior to charcoal from other species.



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