Our Products include all kind of Bamboo, Wood and Metal Handicrafts, custom tailored to our buyers requirements. We are primarily into whole-sale.


Please direct your whole-sale enquiries to guroofarms@gmail.com

Our Iron Bamboo Products include


Our Bamboo Handicrafts are primarily made out of our own grown Bamboo.

Our Bamboo Species-

  • Oliverii
  • Stocksii-
  • Nutaans
  • Balcooa- Thick walled, Large Bamboos for construction and other handicrafts

The term "Iron Bamboo" is used for almost solid/thick walled bamboo, derived from rare species like Oliverii, Stocksii etc. As the name suggests, this bamboo has IRON LIKE STRENGTH.

Further, bamboo, as a material, has longer fiber than any hardwood, its elastic and does not break easily, when bent. This is unique to bamboo, due to its longitudinal fiber orientation.

Thus, for walking sticks, canes and even construction, bamboo is an excellent raw material.-

See the picture below of a cross section of STOCKSII BAMBOO, which is fully solid, till about 10 feet, after which a small hole appears. Its mechanical strength, in certain ways is comparable to steel. It is much stronger than any of the hardwoods. Trade Name-Calcutta Bamboo or Lathi Baans (Fully Solid bamboo) for walking sticks, canes etc.


Iron Bamboo Cross section