Our Products include all kind of Bamboo, Wood and Metal handicrafts.


Bamboo and Wood Products-

All Kind of Walking sticks, Canes, using IRON BAMBOO.

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Vintage, Antique, Police Batons, Tonfa Batons, Billy Clubs, Night Sticks, Tire Thumpers, Truncheons etc.-in IRON BAMBOO. This BAMBOO (IRON BAMBOO) derives its name because of  its mechanical strength, in certain ways comparable to steel. It is much stronger than any of the hardwoods.

Implement/Tools We can forge any design- including all medieval tools at our in-house forge. Our Hot Forged Items are finished with bamboo and wood craft (handles etc.)

We grow our own bamboo and have planted out various species to cater to a varied applications, including some totally solid species of iron bamboo.



Self defense Items e.g. Nunchuks, batons, thumpers, miniature baseball bats, clubs maces etc.

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Other Miscellaneous items


Hot Forged Axes and Knives- We have our own Hot Forge facility  and can forge any kind of axes, knives, hammers and tools. Please write to us for details.