Escrima Kali Sticks

Iron Bamboo Hiking Staff, Stick, Pole

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Description- Our Escrima Sticks, also called Anis or Kali Sticks are Filipino, Non Projectile, Martial Arts Weapons. Iron Bamboo is THE BEST CHOICE for making these sticks/batons, and we craft them from own grown IRON BAMBOO, seasoned, and dehydrated for weather-proofing and then lacquered, after cooling. We are primarily into wholesale. We have very strict quality control procedures.

Our wholesale prices are very competitive. Please write to us for wholesale prices, with your specifications of color, length, handle design, etc.

Retail purchases/transactions, i.e. less than 100 pcs, may be done, either using PayPal or Direct Bank Transfer ( we are verified by PayPal). 

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Our Bambusetum (Bambusarium or Bamboo-Farm, Bamboo-Nursery) includes some very rare varieties of ALMOST TOTALLY SOLID BAMBOO species called the IRON BAMBOO. This bamboo type derives its name because of its iron like strength.

Disclaimer- Buyer should be fully cognizant with the law of the land, including customs regulations, pertaining to the purchase effected on our site. Compliance to regulation/laws in the country/place of import is to be undertaken/ensured by the buyer. We shall co-operate to the extent of marking your cross-border purchase as a "sample" to facilitate smooth pass through customs ( as long as the value of purchase/merchandise is within the stipulated/permissible limit for cross-border samples, which currently is $ 250 per shipment).**

Price/Piece- write to us for whole-sale/retail pricing