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Iron Bamboo Products- on Ebay and Amazon March 2018

 Over the last 2 -3 years I have been collecting varieties/genotypes of FULLY SOLID BAMBOO ( also called IRON BAMBOO, due to its IRON LIKE STRENGTH) and I have successfully established a nucleus plot of commercially important species.

This year, during the rains we will be undertaking to plant about 8 to 10 acres of this rare Iron Bamboo.

Our Iron Bamboo is an excellent raw material for all kinds of walking sticks, canes, Hiking and Trekking Poles etc.

  Visit our Amazon Shop or Our Ebay Store to buy our Iron Bamboo Walking Sticks, Canes and other products of handicrafts.



For Wholesale inquiries write to us or call us

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Iron Bamboo Tire Thumper Antique Vintage Police Stick

We have started to list our own grown IRON Bamboo Tire Thumpers, Antique Vintage Police sticks on ebay.

Tire Thumper-1




Description- 19 inches, made of iron bamboo or Acacia hardwood

Product Code- 4421020211

Ebay Item No.-253078211704

Ebay Link- www.ebay.com/itm/253078211704


Visit our ebay store

http://stores.ebay.com/bamboowoodcraft USA Store

http://stores.ebay.ca/bamboowoodcraft Canada Store

http://stores.ebay.com.au/bamboowoodcraft Australia Store

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